Prepare to do away with wires. Technology is terrific, but until recently W the term has also been synonymous with snakes nests of cables under every table, counter, and desk in the whole darn house. No longer must this be the case. This topic introduces you to the ways of wireless. Wires have all kinds […]

Choosing Internet Access (Wireless)

You probably connect to the Internet using DSL or cable modem service, both of which deliver data over fat broadband connections, meaning they feature fairly wide bandwidth and allow data to download fairly quickly. (If you’re going online via a dial-up connection, I hope you’re considering switching to broadband access before venturing much farther into […]

Getting Started (Wireless)

Just five years ago, wireless networking was expensive and difficult to set up. Fortunately advances in technology have lowered costs and increased features, resulting in something that’s both affordable and easy to set up. In fact, it’s hard to ignore wireless networking now because it’s everywhere! Wireless networking has many benefits, including: ♦ Mobility: If […]

Choosing Hardware (Wireless) Part 1

Browse the aisles of your favorite electronics store, and you will find a dizzying number of equipment choices at all price levels. You’ve got to choose between the various 802.11 standards, whether you need a router or an access point, which brand to buy, and which optional features you want. Did you need wired ports? […]

Choosing Hardware (Wireless) Part 2

Expanding Your Wireless Network Before you go thinking "my house is so big, one access point will never be enough," give it a try. You might be surprised at what one access point will do, especially if you’re using 802.11n. If that one access point leaves you with dead spots in your house, try moving […]

Setting Up Routers (Wireless) Part 1

If you’re ready to set up your router, you likely have all the equipment you need. For most of you, this will be the most foreign part of the whole process. Don’t worry! In terms of difficulty, I rank this as easier than setting up a home entertainment system and slightly harder than falling off […]

Setting Up Routers (Wireless) Part 2

Setting up the Internet connection The first stage of the configuration wizard is the Internet setup. Figure 3-6 shows the initial question that asks if you want the router to determine the Internet connection type. Let the detection process proceed, because it can save you some time. After the detection runs, you are given an […]

Deciphering DHCP (Wireless)

The Internet works because everything on it has a unique address, and the devices that run the Internet are very good at getting information between two addresses. Before your computers and printers are ready to talk on your network, you have to make sure they have an address. There’s a protocol called DHCP, the Dynamic […]

Installing Your Wireless Adapter Part 1

After your wireless router is up and running, you are ready to install the wireless network adapters. Unless you were fortunate enough to have wireless functionality built into your computer, you’re going to have to plug something into your computer so that you can get on the wireless network. That something is a wireless adapter, […]

Installing Your Wireless Adapter Part 2

People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms Laptop users have another option called PCMCIA cards, PC Cards, or ExpressCards. PCMCIA stands for the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, though I always remember it as "People can’t memorize computer industry acronyms." ExpressCards are the newer standard, and replace PC Cards. Depending on how old your computer […]