Help Unprivileged Children has been started by ADARP NGO,our mission is to provide shelter,food,basic education and clothing to unprivileged children.
All the revenue generated by this website is spend by ADARP,to meet its aim to help children in need.
Many of us who live in western world,never really know what kind of life is lived by those in poor African and Asian countries.People commit suicide for a debt of just 100$.
God doesn’t love everyone equal,those who are born in western world are privileged one.They get good economy,good government but if we see those who just die of lack of food worth 50cents,we will realize how much most of us waste.
If you are reading this page,you have already indirectly given a small contribution to ADARP to meet its aim.
Further if you like to donate some money we will be highly obliged,if you donate it to our mentors.