Getting Your PC On the Net (Wireless) Part 1

This topic covers how to get your computer on a wireless network. First, you take a look at how to configure a wireless network within Windows XP without the benefit of your wireless utilities. Sometimes those utilities just don’t work as well as you’d like, and you have to resort to the old standard. After […]

Getting Your PC On the Net (Wireless) Part 2

Managing your preferred networks A computer can only be connected to one wireless network at a time. Sometimes, you run into a situation where your computer can see two networks that it knows how to log into, and the computer must decide which network to log into. You control this decision by ordering your preferred […]

Getting Your PC On the Net (Wireless) Part 3

Configuring Vista Microsoft’s Vista operating system came several years after Windows XP, and Microsoft decided that they should build wireless support in from the ground up. As such, wireless configuration is much smoother in Vista than it is in XP. Rather than choosing between using Windows for configuration or the manufacturer’s utilities, Vista integrates the […]

Setting Up Other Hardware (Wireless) Part 1

One drawback of being wire-free is that carrying your printer everywhere you go is a little tricky! Rather than plugging into the printer every time you need to print, let’s get your printer on the network, too! Many printers come with network adapters, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to print from wherever […]

Setting Up Other Hardware (Wireless) Part 2

Sharing Files Wirelessly Sharing files between computers over a network, wired or wireless, is nothing new. However, you do find a few disadvantages: ♦ The computer with the files on it has to be turned on. The current trend is to save energy by turning off computers when they’re not in use — which is […]

Setting Up Other Hardware (Wireless) Part 3

Connecting to the file share While you’re in the administration menu, make a note of the Server LAN IP Address. It’s the address of the router, which will now be your file server address. 1. From the Start menu, select Run, then two backslashes followed by the IP address of the router. I’ve shown this […]

Troubleshooting Network Hardware (Wireless) Part 1

Technology always works, right? I don’t believe that either. Many pieces have to come together correctly to put a Web page on your computer and get your e-mail delivered so that it’s a wonder that it works at all. Sometimes parts break or just don’t work the way you want them to. You’ve just built […]

Troubleshooting Network Hardware (Wireless) Part 2

Looking at Your Router You should be able to connect over the wireless network to your router. If not, make sure of the following: ♦ Do you have DHCP enabled on the router? ♦ Is the computer able to associate with the wireless network? ♦ Can you connect to the wireless router’s Web interface using […]

Exploring Windows Networking (Wireless)

Microsoft introduced an easy wireless network setup and configuration m w 9 with the release of Windows XP in 2001. Prior to that, installing any kind of network using Windows computers was often a hassle and usually unpredictable. Skip ahead to 2009, and subsequent editions of Windows (most notably Vista and the new Windows 7) […]

Managing Available Networks (Wireless) Part 1

A good thing about wireless networks is that you don’t have those pesky W " Ethernet cables to tie you up in knots. I can still remember back in the old days when I’d have those drab, gray cables running from room to room. I also remember constantly tripping over said cables; fortunately, those days […]