Portal Technologies and Applications

The Beijing Olympics (2008) Advertainment Portal

INTRODUCTION As communities develop their sense of identities, the Web reflects such identities through the appearances of Web portals. This short article argues that it is not only technologies that drive the emergence and popularity of portals, but the very sense of commonality that communities share fuels and propels the development and growth of portals. […]

Benefits and Limitations of Portals

INTRODUCTION The demand of a rich suite of easy-to-use tools and help that simplify data management within a network is increasing more and more. These tools should give users immediate access to resources, and control over when and how they share information (Portals & Gateways references, 2006). This article: • discusses the benefits and limitations […]

Biotechnology Portals in Medicine

INTRODUCTION The 2005 global revenues of publicly traded biotechnology companies have grown by 18.1% to $63.1 billion (Donn, 2006). Many countries are now investing in research and development in the biotechnology industry as it is believed this 30 year-old industry is moving toward profitability. The stock value in this industry has outperformed the average stock […]

Bioinformatics Web Portals

INTRODUCTION Bioinformatics involves the design and development of advanced algorithms and computational platforms to solve problems in biomedicine (Jones & Pevzner, 2004). It also deals with methods for acquiring, storing, retrieving and analysing biological data obtained by querying biological databases or provided by experiments. Bioinformatics applications involve different datasets as well as different software tools […]

The Bluegem Portal

INTRODUCTION “Portal technologies” in recent times have become a catchphrase within information technology circles. The concept of the “portal” (more commonly termed Internet portal), has initially been used to refer to Web sites, which presented the user with the ability to access rich content, resources, and services on the World Wide Web (Kakumanu & Mezzacca, […]


INTRODUCTION In June 2000, the Western Region Economic Development Organisation (WREDO), a not-for-profit organisation sponsored by the six municipalities that make up the western region of Melbourne, received a state government grant for a project to set up a business-to-business portal. The project was to create a “horizontal portal”—BIZEWEST—that would enable small to medium enterprises […]

Business Challenges of Online Banking Portals

INTRODUCTION During the last few years, the growing interest in the banking industry on the Internet has led to the development from simple banking Web sites into comprehensive online banking portals (OBP). These portals offer a great variety of services in addition to traditional bank products and thereby enable customers to obtain financial advice from […]

A Case Study of an Integrated University Portal

INTRODUCTION The increasing complexity and interdependence of campus technology systems poses a significant challenge to universities. Such efforts cannot be solely the domain of a university technology department but requires participation across the institution in order to ensure success. As Irvine (2003) noted, “a decision about course management platforms or portals and their interoperability with […]

Business Module Differentiation

INTRODUCTION SINA, SOHU, and NETEASE have been regarded as the most successful general Web portals in the Chinese market. However, they have quite different strategies in their business modules, which makes them quite different in terms of their revenue constitution. What are the major reasons and what will be the future direction for Chinese Web […]

Changing the Interface to High School Education

INTRODUCTION How do you cater to 21st century learners in a secondary school, and how can we personalize learning so that the value of education is enhanced for every student? This was the question that challenged us at our school. With e-learning, e-teaching, and e-everything becoming part of our everyday life, Lowanna College began investigating […]