Diabetes Need Not Be Devastating (Prediabetes)

If your child is prediabetic, you never want him to become diabetic, so this lesson may seem a strange way to start this topic. But your child may be
terrified of what life as a diabetic would be like, and your goal here is to ease his stress.
Your child simply needs to know that if he does become diabetic, the disease is controllable. Using diet, exercise, and perhaps medication, people with diabetes can live normal lives.
People with diabetes can excel in every field, from sports to politics to the art world to private business. As I write these words, a new Supreme Court justice — Sonia Sotomayor — is headline news, and she has managed her diabetes all her life.
The key thing to teach your child is that he can thrive even with diabetes. In fact, some people with diabetes are healthier than people who don’t have the diagnosis because the people with diabetes follow a much healthier program of diet and exercise.

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