A Positive Attitude Is Crucial (Prediabetes)

Children who maintain a positive attitude simply do better and live a happier life. Teach your child that when he has a positive attitude, he can accomplish whatever he wants to do.
Teach your child to substitute “I won’t” for “I can’t.” The first suggests a choice while the second suggests inadequacy. Let your child know that alone or with help, he can do anything he wants.
Make it clear to your child that negative thinking is a choice as well. He can feel bad about a situation, or he can choose to get over it and remind himself that the situation is just temporary.
Helping a child learn a new skill also increases his self-confidence and self-worth and makes him feel more positive about himself and his world.
Finally, the best way to make your child feel really good about himself is to constantly remind him with words and hugs that he is loved.
One of my favorite sayings goes like this: “Someday we will laugh about this. Why not now?”

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