Children need to learn how vital water is to their health. Avoid starting your child on soft drinks at all costs. Encourage her to drink water before, during, and after each meal. Feel free to make disparaging remarks about the worth-lessness of soft drinks, flavored drinks, and even dietetic drinks. Children should appreciate that the […]

People Are Supposed to Move (Prediabetes)

Children should be aware of the philosophy “a sound mind in a sound body.” You need to inspire your child to actively work on both, and exercise is a great way to do so. Just like adults, children derive numerous benefits from exercise. Here’s a short list you can share with your child: Exercise builds […]

We All Need Rest (Prediabetes)

As important as exercise is, rest is equally important. Rest allows your body to rejuvenate itself. It helps to lower your blood pressure and actually results in less eating — and not just because when you are sleeping you can’t eat! Following is the breakdown of how much sleep your child should get to function […]

A Positive Attitude Is Crucial (Prediabetes)

Children who maintain a positive attitude simply do better and live a happier life. Teach your child that when he has a positive attitude, he can accomplish whatever he wants to do. Teach your child to substitute “I won’t” for “I can’t.” The first suggests a choice while the second suggests inadequacy. Let your child […]

Healthy Food Can Taste Great (Prediabetes)

As soon as my granddaughter started eating solid foods, my daughter fed her good fruits and vegetables that she prepared herself. She also fed her small amounts of chicken and fish. As a result, my granddaughter loves fruits, vegetables, poultry, and fish. She has no particular interest in sweets. She has learned that the taste […]

Vegetables Are Delicious (Prediabetes)

From artichokes to zucchini, vegetables are nutritious, delicious foods. Children need to know that, and you need to teach them because TV shows and commercials certainly don’t. The best thing you can do is eat vegetables every day yourself, and make a point to show your child how much you enjoy them. The way vegetables […]

Now Is the Time to Act (Prediabetes)

Your child should understand that the earlier prediabetes is dealt with, the more easily it can be reversed. Here are a few reasons for acting now: After bad habits about food, exercise, and rest are ingrained, those habits are very tough to break. Good exercise habits are developed much more easily at a young age. […]

You Can Comfort and Reward Yourself without Food (Prediabetes)

The comfort value of food is taught to children at a very young age. When they fall and start to cry, they are offered a cookie. When they do something especially noteworthy, they are rewarded with an ice cream cone. When they do something bad or don’t eat their vegetables, their dessert is withheld. The […]

Ten Things to Teach Your Prediabetic Child

In This Topic • Reestablishing healthy habits • Enjoying good food • Getting enough exercise • Taking time to rest Children start learning shortly after they are born. You want to teach your child good exercise habits, good eating habits, and good resting habits from the youngest age. Your child will likely try to emulate […]

Diabetes Need Not Be Devastating (Prediabetes)

If your child is prediabetic, you never want him to become diabetic, so this lesson may seem a strange way to start this topic. But your child may be terrified of what life as a diabetic would be like, and your goal here is to ease his stress. Your child simply needs to know that […]