Ten Things to Teach Your Prediabetic Child

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• Reestablishing healthy habits
• Enjoying good food
• Getting enough exercise
• Taking time to rest
Children start learning shortly after they are born. You want to teach your child good exercise habits, good eating habits, and good resting habits from the youngest age. Your child will likely try to emulate you in everything she does, so if you model good habits, chances are she’ll follow them.
Try to include your child in all the decisions you make related to her health. Ask questions like: Shall we hike or go biking today? Should we buy the green beans, the broccoli, or the asparagus? Should we have the salmon, the tuna, or some chili for supper? Give your child two or more healthy choices. That way, no matter what she decides, she will benefit.
tmp1DC-1_thumbAlso try to do healthy things together. One of my patients, who did little exercise, complained that both her sons were heavy. They were embarrassed and introverted. I suggested that she start an exercise program and invite them to join her. Both sons soon lost their excess fat, and both joined their track team, where they became leaders. My patient and her husband, who also joined in the exercise, lost a significant amount of weight as well and felt much better physically and mentally.

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