. In this chapter, you learn how to get going with your iPhone. The topics include the following: Touring your iPhone Preparing iTunes Preparing MobileMe Using this topic The good news is that getting started with an iPhone is a simple, painless process.You’ve got your hands on one, so it’s time to get going. In […]

Touring Your iPhone

You’ll find that an iPhone is one of the most amazing handheld devices ever because of how well it is designed. It has only a few external features you need to understand. For most of the things you do, you’ll just use your fingers on your iPhone’s screen (which just seems natural), and the iPhone […]

Preparing iTunes (Iphone)

iTunes is the application you use to move content (music, podcasts, movies, and so on) and information (such as email account configurations) onto your iPhone.You need to download and install iTunes on your computer or make sure that you are using the most current version if it’s already installed.To get started, jump into any of […]

Preparing MobileMe (Iphone)

Apple’s MobileMe service provides you with a number of features including online disk space, an email account, an online photo gallery, and more. When it comes to your iPhone, MobileMe offers one primary benefit, and it is a really good one. With MobileMe, you can keep your contacts, calendar, web favorites, and MobileMe email in […]

Using This topic (Iphone)

This topic has been designed to help you transform an iPhone into your iPhone by helping you learn to use it easily and quickly. As you can tell, the topic relies heavily on pictures to show you how an iPhone works. It is also task-focused so that you can quickly learn the specific steps to […]

Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and iPhones/iPods

In this chapter, you explore how to connect your iPhone to the Internet and to other iPhones and iPod touches. Topics include the following: Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi or wireless cellular networks Connecting to other devices using Bluetooth Connecting to other iPhones and iPod touches Your iPhone has many functions that rely on […]

Connecting an iPhone to the Internet

To connect your iPhone to the Internet,you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network that provides Internet access, or you can connect it to a wireless network provided by your cellular provider. You can use a variety of Wi-Fi networks, including those available in your home, business, or in public places, such as airports, restaurants, […]

Connecting to Other Devices Using Bluetooth (Iphone)

An iPhone includes built-in Bluetooth support so you can use this wireless technology to connect to other Bluetooth-capable devices.The most likely device to connect to iPhone in this way are Bluetooth headphones, but you can also use Bluetooth to connect to other kinds of devices, most notably, headphones, computers, and other iPhones and iPod touches.To […]

Connecting to Other iPhones and iPod touches

With version 3.0 of the iPhone operating system, Apple introduced peer-to-peer connectivity, which is an overly complicated way of saying that these iPhones and iPod touches (which also run on the iPhone operating system) can communicate with one another. Developers can take advantage of this in their applications to enable great functionality, especially multiplayer gaming, […]

Moving Audio, Video, and Photos onto Your iPhone

In this chapter, you learn how to stock your iPhone with audio, video, and photos. The topics include the following: Moving audio and video content from your iTunes Library onto the iPhone Using iTunes to move photos and video onto your iPhone Using the iPhone’s iTunes application to download content directly from the iTunes Store […]