Moving Audio, Video, and Photos onto Your iPhone

In this chapter, you learn how to stock your iPhone with audio, video, and photos. The topics include the following:
Moving audio and video content from your
iTunes Library onto the iPhone
Using iTunes to move photos and video onto your iPhone
Using the iPhone’s iTunes application to download content directly from the iTunes Store
One of the best things about an iPhone is that you can use it to listen to audio content of various types (see Chapter 11, “Listening to Music, Podcasts,and Other Audio”).You can also watch video on the iPhone’s high-resolution screen (see Chapter 12,”Watching Movies,TV Shows, and Other Video”). You can view and work with photos stored on it, too (see Chapter 13,”Working with Photos and Video”).
However, before you can do all these things, you must move content with which you’ll work onto your iPhone.There are two basic ways to do this. One is to move content from your iTunes Library onto the iPhone; you can also use iTunes to move photos from a photo application onto your iPhone.The second method is to move audio and video content directly from the iTunes Store onto your iPhone.

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