Setting Up and Using Voicemail (iPhone 4)

Your iPhone comes with an enhanced voicemail system called Visual Voicemail. This is a nice feature because it allows you to quickly see all voicemails and play them in any order. You don’t have to listen to each message in order, just tap the message you want to hear. This image with the number 3 in the red circle shows that there are three unheard voicemail messages.


NOTE: If you live outside the US, your carrier may not have implemented Visual Voicemail. If not, then you will need to dial in to retrieve your messages by pressing the Voicemail soft key, just as with any other mobile phone.

Setting Up Voicemail

In order to setup voicemail, follow these steps. 1. Tap the Phone icon.

2. Tap the Voicemail icon

tmpB182_thumb the bottom row of soft keys.

3. Tap the Set Up Now button shown in Figure 10-7.

4. Pick a 4-digit password and then re-enter the password.

3. Tap the Set Up Now button shown in Figure 10-7.

4. Pick a 4-digit password and then re-enter the password.

 Setting Up Your Voicemail.

Figure 10-7. Setting Up Your Voicemail.

5. Next, you can choose a Default or Custom greeting. The Default greeting will say your phone number in a computer voice and that you are not available.

6. If you chose a Custom greeting, you need to record it by tapping the Record button. When done, tap the Stop button, which is in the same place as the Record button.

7. Once recorded, you can tap the Play button to see if you like your Custom greeting.

TIP: If you hold the iPhone too close to your mouth, your voice may sound a little distorted. Just hold the iPhone at a normal distance.


Changing Your Voicemail Password

You may want to change your password. Go to your Settings app.

1. Tap the Settings icon.

2. Scroll down and tap Phone.

3. Scroll down and tap Change Voicemail Password

4. Enter your current password, then type your new password twice.

Playing Your Voicemail

The beauty of the Visual Voicemail system is that you never have to call in to check your voicemail. All voicemail messages will reside on your phone. You can save them, scroll through them, or delete them.

You will know how many unheard voicemail messages you have by the little number in the red circle in the top right of the voicemail icon.

Unheard items, like unread e-mail in your inbox, are marked with a little blue dot. -

The voicemail icon will show the number of voicemails in your mailbox. Tap the Play button next to the message and the message will play through your handset.

TIP: If you cannot look at the screen, you can still dial in to listen to your voicemail hands-free by pressing and holding the 1 key on your keypad.


To Hear the Voicemail Play through the Speaker

If you would like to hear your voicemail through the iPhone’s speaker (as opposed to listening through the handset), just touch the Speaker button in the upper right hand corner.


To Adjust Your Greeting

Tap Greeting button to adjust your voicemail greeting. You can listen to your greeting again, record a new Custom greeting, or change the greeting back to the Default.


To Call Back the Person Who Left the Voice Mail

Just touch the Call Back button and you can immediately return the call of the individual who left you the voicemail.


To Delete the Voicemail Message

Your iPhone will store all your voicemails if you want to listen to them at a later date. Sometimes voicemails can get a bit unwieldy if you have too many of them. Just touch the red Delete button and the selected message will be removed from your iPhone. See Figure 10-7.


NOTE: You have the option to save a "Deleted" message. Your Voicemail screen will show your "Deleted" messages in its own tab. Touch a "Deleted" message and you can then "Undelete" to restore it.

Working with deleted voicemail items.

Figure 10-7. Working with deleted voicemail items.

If you would like to permanently all deleted voicemails, tap Clear All.

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