iPhone 4

To help you get comfortable with your iPhone, we start with the basics—what the buttons, keys, and switches do—and then move into how you start apps and navigate the menus. Probably the most important status indicator on your iPhone, besides the battery, is the one that shows network status in the upper right corner. Understand […]

Flying On An Airplane – Airplane Mode (iPhone 4)

Often when you are flying on an airplane, the flight crew will ask you to turn off all portable electronic devices for takeoff and landing. Then, when you get to altitude, they say "all approved electronic devices" can be turned back on. TIP: Check out the "International Travel" section of topic 5: "Wi-Fi and 3G […]

Touch Screen Basics (iPhone 4)

In this section, we will describe how to interact with the iPhone’s touch screen. Touch Screen Gestures The iPhone has an amazingly sensitive and intuitive touch screen. Apple, renowned for making its iPad, iPod touch, and iPod devices easy-to-use, has come up with an excellent, even higher resolution, highly responsive touch screen. If you are […]

Tapping and Flicking (iPhone 4)

To start an app, confirm a selection, select a menu item, or select an answer, simply tap the screen. To move quickly through contacts, lists, and the music library in List mode, flick from side to side or up and down to scroll through items. Figure 6 shows both of these gestures. Figure 6. Basic […]

Swiping (iPhone 4)

To swipe, gently touch and move your finger as shown in Figure 7. You can also do this to move between open Safari web pages and pictures. Swiping also works in lists, such as the Contacts list. Figure 7. Touch and swipe to move between pictures and web pages. Scrolling Scrolling is as simple as […]

App Reference Tables (iPhone 4)

This section gives you a number of handy reference tables that group the various apps that are pre-installed on your iPhone by their functionality. Also included in the tables are other useful apps you can download from the App Store. Each table gives you a brief description of the app and tells you where you […]

Congratulations on Your New iPhone 4!

You hold in your hands perhaps the most powerful and elegant smartphone available, a phone that is also a media player, e-book reader, gaming machine, life organizer, and just about everything else available today: the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 can do more than just about any other smartphone on the market. In a beautiful […]

Getting to Know Your iPhone

In this section we show you how to use everything you get in the box with your iPhone 4. We also give you some iPhone battery and charging tips, and then talk about how to determine if your iPhone is already activated and the Slide to Unlock feature. What Is Included in the Box While […]

iTunes and Your iPhone Part 1

Now that you know some of the basics about your iPhone and how to get the most out of your battery, you are ready to start enjoying it. Connecting it to iTunes is the next step. iTunes allows you to activate and register your iPhone and tie it to your Apple ID (iTunes account). Once […]

iTunes and Your iPhone Part 2

Set Up Your iPhone After your registration is complete, the first time you connect your iPhone, you will see the screen shown in Figure 1-11. Figure 1-11. Set Up Your iPhone screen 1. If you would like to set this up as a new iPhone, do the following: a. Click the selection next to Set […]