Touch Screen Basics (iPhone 4)

In this section, we will describe how to interact with the iPhone’s touch screen.

Touch Screen Gestures

The iPhone has an amazingly sensitive and intuitive touch screen. Apple, renowned for making its iPad, iPod touch, and iPod devices easy-to-use, has come up with an excellent, even higher resolution, highly responsive touch screen.

If you are used to a physical keyboard and a trackball or trackpad, or even an iPod’s intuitive scroll wheel, then this touch screen will take a little effort to master. With a little practice, though, you’ll soon become comfortable interacting with your iPhone.

You can do almost anything on your iPhone by using a combination of the following:

■ Touch screen "gestures"

■ Touching icons or soft keys on the screen

■ Clicking the Home button at the bottom

The following sections describe the various gestures you can use on your iPhone 4.

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