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Microsoft’s XML Paper Specification (XPS) enables you to create fixed-format documents that can be easily viewed, shared, printed, and archived — regardless of what program was used to create them — on many different types of computers. Although you do not need the program used to create the original document, you do need a special XPS viewer in order to view and print XPS documents. This viewer is similar to Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. Windows Vista includes an XPS viewer by default, which works in conjunction with Internet Explorer.
Windows’ XPS viewer can display your document in a few different ways. For example, you can instruct the viewer to display the whole page at its actual size, display it using the page’s width as the guide, display the entire page at once, display two pages at a time, or even tile the pages in the document. You can also use the Zoom setting to zoom in or out.

View an XPS Document

1 Click Start.
2 Click Documents.
The Documents folder opens.
3 Right-click the XPS document you want to open.
4 Click Open With. 0 Click XPS Viewer.
The XPS document opens in the XPS viewer.
• Click Save a Copy to save a copy of the XPS document.
• Click Permissions to specify who can view the document, and for how long.
• Click Digital Signatures to indicate that you have viewed the document.
• To search for a word or phrase in the XPS document, type it here.
• View the page number here, or type a new page number to jump to that page.
• Click the up and down arrows to move forward and backward through the document.
• Click these buttons to change how the pages are displayed.
• Click here to access Zoom settings.



If you have received an XPS document as an e-mail attachment, open it by double-clicking the attachment on the e-mail message. You can then save the XPS document to your own computer by clicking the Save a Copy button in the XPS viewer.

More Options!

If an XPS document contains sensitive information, you can apply permissions to it to limit access to only those users specified.

Did You Know?

Attaching a digital signature to an XPS document enables subsequent viewers to ascertain if, when, and by whom a document has been modified — which is helpful when trying to determine whether a document is legitimate.

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