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The New President's Economy Problem

Tax Cuts and Deficits. In general, we levy taxes not to ease income inequality but to fund government. They haven’t quite been doing the job lately: for the 2008 fiscal year, which ends in September, it is estimated that the government will spend roughly US$500 billion more than it takes in, a deficit of 3.5% […]

US Economy

The US Mint Denominations of US Currency value portrait on front paper money design on back when circulated $1 George Washington Great Seal of US 1929-   $2 Thomas Jefferson Monticello 1929- 75 $2 Thomas Jefferson John Trumbull’s Signing of the Declaration of Independence 1976-   $51 Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Memorial 2000-   $101 Alexander […]

Travel and Tourism

Passports, Visas, and Immunizations With certain exceptions, a passport is required by law for all US citizens, including infants, to travel outside the United States and its territories. The exceptions of travel without passport to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and countries in the Caribbean were eliminated in 2007 by implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. […]


US Employment by Gender and Occupation Detail may not add to total given because of rounding. occupation workers total 16 years and older (num MEMbers in ’000) women 2006 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 management, professional, 50,420 51,788 24,928 25,593 25,492 26,195 and related occupations management, business, 21,233 21,577 12,347 12,375 8,886 9,203 and financial- […]

Consumer Prices

US Consumer Price Index, 1913-2007 This table presents the annual change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) since 1913. The CPI is used as an indicator of price changes in the goods and services purchased by US consumers. The information provided is based on the purchases of a specific group of urban consumers who serve […]

US Budget

US Public Debt       gross         gross   end of public   federal   end of public   federal   fiscal debt (in % of debt (in % of fiscal debt (in % of debt (in % of year us$ millions) gdp us$ millions) gdp year us$ millions) gdp us$ […]

US Taxes

US Federal Taxation Structure This table shows the range of income taxes for various types of households in each tax bracket. In 2008 the standard deductions for most filers are US$5,450 for those submitting returns under status “single” and status “married filing separately,” US$8,000 for those filing under status “head of household,” and US$10,900 for […]