Photoshop Elements

I have written quite a few topics in the From Snapshots to Great Shots series, and most of them have been about cameras. My philosophy for writing them has been to give a good foundation for taking great photographs through the application of camera technology and knowledge. It’s so important to understand the fundamentals and […]

Introduction (Photoshop Elements) Part 2

CREATING A BACKUP Sometimes bad things happen. One day you will have a hard drive failure. It can be a devastating thing to lose all of your files, maybe even more so to lose all of your photographs. Consider creating a backup copy of your images onto a separate drive. There are many types to […]

Keeping Track (Photoshop Elements) Part 1

HOW TO FIND THOSE PHOTOS MONTHS DOWN THE ROAD Your photographs will be of no use if you cannot find them when you need them. This is why it is so important to be organized right from the start. Luckily, the Elements Organizer has a lot of tools to help keep your images neat and […]

Keeping Track (Photoshop Elements) Part 2

USING SMART TAGS Using keyword tags is a highly effective way to keep track of your photographs, but it can be a little time consuming. The Organizer has the ability to apply Smart Tags, which will help you quickly organize your images without having to get into specific keyword tags. If you look in the […]

Keeping Track (Photoshop Elements) Part 3

CREATING AN ALBUM AND AN ALBUM CATEGORY 1.    In the Albums section of the Organize tab, click the plus (+) button and select New Album Category (Figure 2.14). 2.    Type the name of the album category in the text box, and select a parent album category if desired. Click the OK button. 3.    Click the […]

Keeping Track (Photoshop Elements) Part 4

GETTING A BETTER VIEW One of the reasons that the Organizer works so well is that it can be customized to your preferences. There are several different options available for displaying your images and image information, and each one of those can be customized to your liking. Now, when I say customized, I don’t mean […]

Basic Fixes (Photoshop Elements) Part 1

USING THE AUTOMATED TOOLS Now that your images are imported and sorted, it’s time to go over some ways to make them look better. As we move further into the topic, we will cover advanced image editing, where your control over the process I and results is the ultimate goal. But there will be times […]

Basic Fixes (Photoshop Elements) Part 2

Auto levels Within every image is a range of tones that usually goes from light to dark. The Auto Levels adjustment will try to equalize the tones in your picture so that you have a better range of tones. This means the blacks won’t be so dark and the whites won’t be so light. I […]

Basic Fixes (Photoshop Elements) Part 3

WORKING WITH MULTIPLE IMAGES To make your workflow more efficient, try taking multiple files with you from the Organizer into the Editor. First, select the images in the Organizer. Then enter the Editor as you would with just a single image. Now look at the bottom of the editing workspace. You should see thumbnails of […]

Basic Fixes (Photoshop Elements) Part 4

RED EYE REMOVAL This might be one of the easiest tools in the whole bunch. Zoom in on the red eye and drag a selection over the eye. When you let go of the mouse button, the red eye is automatically fixed. The difference between this and the Auto version is that there are a […]