Knitting Patterns

Patterns with Circles, Triangles, and More (Knitting )

In this part This part of the topic is packed with patterns to cover you from head to toe. In Chapter 11, you can practice knitting in the round and develop new skills such as working with circular and double-pointed needles, making cables, and using mosaic patterns. Explore the triangle as you increase, decrease, and […]

Knitting a simple shell,great coats for women,Shaping a fabulous bag and a sweet baby sweater

In This Chapter Shaping a fabulous bag and a sweet baby sweater Knitting a simple shell and great coats for women.The patterns in this chapter use slightly more complex shapes than the rectangles in Chapters 8 and 9. They’re “almost rectangles,” as you’ll notice from looking at the schematics. These patterns feature simple shaping largely […]

Knitting Rectangles for the Home

In This Chapter Crafting potholders Trying your hand at pillows and blankets Whipping up journal covers There are so many rectangles worth knitting that they’ve spilled over into a second chapter! Like the projects in Chapter 8, these knits for the home appeal to knitters at all skill levels. Any of the knits in this […]

Knitting Rectangles to Wear

In This Chapter Discovering why it’s hip to be square (actually, rectangle) Knitting classic scarves and wraps Creating accessories for the whole family. When I first started thinking about writing a topic of straightforward patterns based on simple shapes, I joked about rectangles and that classic first knitting project: the garter stitch scarf (and yes, […]

Knitting Patterns with Rectangles and Related Shapes

In this part When I first started thinking about basic designs for  this topic, I, of course, thought of rectangles; they’re the easiest to knit, after all. But what can you do with a rectangle that you’d actually want to knit and would want to wear or use? A bunch, as you find out in […]

Knitting Colorful Stitches

In This Chapter Adding different color combinations to your work Making stripes, Fair Isle patterns, and mosaics Discovering tricks to add color to finished pieces knitting allows you to work with colors in unique ways, creating rich fabrics that are unlike those made by any other method. So why not experiment with these techniques and […]

Few Stitches in knitting that Look Tricky but Aren’t

In This Chapter Exploring different kinds of ribs Understanding and creating cables Getting to know lace patterns.Most of what you knit is made up predominantly of basic background stitches, such as stockinette or garter stitch (which I discuss in Chapter 5). Ribbing, cables, and lace are the icing on the cake, so to speak. Even […]

The Simplest Stitches in knitting

In This Chapter Reading stitch patterns Deciphering the lingo Knitting classic stitch patterns In Chapter 2, you find out about the importance of making a swatch (a small knit sample of a stitch used in a pattern). Now you finally get to put theory into action and pick up your needles! This chapter covers just […]

Understanding knitting patterns and charts

In This Chapter Deciphering knitting patterns and charts Becoming a savvy pattern buyer its you know, knitting is made up of stitches, rows, decreases, and increases. You can ¥ \ make it all up as you go along, of course, but if you want to repeat someone else’s work, you either have to be by […]

A Primer on Stitches and Color (Knitting )

In this part The first part of this topic focuses on the things that you need to know in order to knit patterns successfully. But now that all the prep work is done, it’s finally time to settle down to some knitting! This part of the topic is like a stitch dictionary. It’s a reference […]