Knitting Patterns

Even when you’ve been knitting for a while, you may find yourself needing a refresher on how to accomplish basic tasks, such as casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off. This topic gives you guidance on these fundamentals (organized in alphabetical order for easy reference) as well as on a few tasks to finish your […]

Ten Smart Ways to Care for Your Knits

In This Chapter ► Washing your knits carefully ► Storing your knits the right way ► Giving away your knits M Respite what many people think, handknits aren’t all that difficult to take care of. If you V^^don’t believe me, just take a look through this chapter, which explains how to tend to your handknits […]

Ten Ways to MacGyver Your Knitting

In This Chapter Getting yourself out of a knitting bind Knitting with unconventional supplies. Some knitters always have what they need. They have a cute box or bag that they carry all their supplies in. They always have a tape measure and a matching set of stitch markers. Most of the time I just make […]

Almost Ten Things You Can Do with Your Swatches while knitting

In This Chapter Encouraging reasons to swatch Using your swatches for something productive If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Swatching before you knit is important. Why? Knowing what gauge you’re knitting at is vital to having a finished product that you like. (See Chapter 2 for more on gauge and […]

Ten Things You Can Knit with that Aren’t Yarn or Needles

In This Chapter Finding something to knit when you have nothing to knit with Getting your knitting groove back with unusual supplies Sometimes you’re stuck with nothing to knit, or worse, nothing to knit with! Other times, you may have something to knit but you’re bored with it or you’ve misplaced your knitting mojo. At […]

The Part of Tens (Knitting )

In this part And now for something completely different! This part has bits and pieces that are meant to be informative and fun. Flip through this part to find out about caring for your handknits. You can also have some fun thinking about things to do with all those swatches. Stuck in a knitting jam? […]

Knitting in complex shapes

In This Chapter Knitting raglan sweaters in one piece from the top down Making shapely pullovers for women. Adding color and complexity with Fair Isle, mosaics, and lace.Earlier chapters focus on some pretty basic shapes, but the patterns presented in this final group move beyond the basic rectangle, triangle, or cylinder. While the shapes are […]

Knitting Together Rectangles and Triangles

In This Chapter Picking up neckline stitches Discovering a new way to set in sleeves Creating crew necks and V-necks for the whole family sweater that’s well fitting, comfortable to wear, and attractive to look at is what everyone wants. Some knitters are put off by the idea of knitting a whole sweater, but the […]

Knitting in Triangles

In This Chapter Demystifying yarn overs Discovering fully fashioned decreases Having a short lesson in short rows Whipping up kerchiefs, scarves, blankets, and tops If you start with a small number of stitches and increase regularly, or start with a large number of stitches and decrease regularly, what do you get? A triangle. These techniques […]

Knitting in Circles

In This Chapter Creating circles and cylinders with ease Using circular and double-pointed needles Making cowls, wrist warmers, hats, and bags most knitters learn to knit with something flat because they think that it’s easier. But WWW aside from the slightly fiddly moment where you have to join your circle after you cast on, knitting […]