Review of Tooth Morphology (Dental Anatomy, Physiology and Occlusion) Part 2


Mandibular canine (right).

A-8 Mandibular canine (right).

Maxillary first premolar.

A-9 Maxillary first premolar.

Maxillary second premolar (right).

A-10 Maxillary second premolar (right).

Mandibular first premolar (right).

A-11 Mandibular first premolar (right).

Mandibular second premolar (right).

A-12 Mandibular second premolar (right).

Maxillary first molar (right).

A-13 Maxillary first molar (right).

 Maxillary second molar (right).

A-14 Maxillary second molar (right).

Mandibular first molar (right).

A-15 Mandibular first molar (right).

Mandibular second molar (right).

A-16 Mandibular second molar (right).

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