Ribbon panel tool icons (AutoCAD 2011)


The ribbon panels shown are those which include tools described in the topics of this topic. Panels and tools which have not been used in the construction of illustrations in the topic have not been included. If a tool in a panel has not been described or used in this topic, the icon remains unnamed in the illustrations below. Where flyouts from a panel include tools icons, the flyouts have been included with the panels. Flyouts appear when an arrow to the right of the panel name is clicked. Where the names of tool icons have been included in the panels, the names have not been added to the illustrations as labels being deemed unnecessary.

2D Drafting and Annotation ribbon

The Home/Modify panel

Fig. A3.2 The Home/Modify panel

The Home/Draw panel

Fig. A3.1 The Home/Draw panel

The Home/Draw panel flyout

Fig. A3.3 The Home/Draw panel flyout

The Home/Modify panel flyout

Fig A3.4 The Home/Modify panel flyout

The Home/Layers panel with the Layers drop-down menu

Fig. A3.5 The Home/Layers panel with the Layers drop-down menu

The Annotate/Dimensions panel

Fig. A3.6 The Annotate/Dimensions panel

The View/Views panel

Fig. A3.7 The View/Views panel

The View/Palettes panel

Fig. A3.10 The View/Palettes panel

The View/Navigate panel

Fig. A3.9 The View/Navigate panel

The Parametric/Dimensions panel

Fig. A3.8 The Parametric/Dimensions panel

The View/Visual Styles panel

Fig. A3.11 The View/Visual Styles panel

The View/Viewports panel

Fig. A3.12 The View/Viewports panel

The View/Coordinates panel

Fig. A3.13 The View/Coordinates panel

The Output/Plot panel

Fig. A3.14 The Output/Plot panel

The Output/Export to DWF/PDF panel

Fig. A3.15 The Output/Export to DWF/PDF panel

3D Modeling ribbon

The Home/Modeling panel and its flyout

Fig. A3.16 The Home/Modeling panel and its flyout

The Home/Modify flyout

Fig. A3.19 The Home/Modify flyout

The Home/Modify panel

Fig. A3.18 The Home/Modify panel

The Solid/Primitive panel

Fig. A3.20 The Solid/Primitive panel

The Solid/Solid panel

Fig. A3.21 The Solid/Solid panel

 The Solid/Solid Editing panel

Fig. A3.22 The Solid/Solid Editing panel

The Render/Lights flyout

Fig. A3.25 The Render/Lights flyout

The Solid Boolean panel

Fig. A3.23 The Solid Boolean panel

The Render/Lights panel

Fig. A3.24 The Render/Lights panel

The Render/Render panel

Fig. A3.27 The Render/Render panel

The Render/Render flyout

Fig. A3.28 The Render/Render flyout

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The Render/Materials panel

Fig. A3.26 The Render/Materials panel

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