The White Lady of Easton, Easton, Connecticut (Haunted Place)

The White Lady of Easton

Union Cemetery

Intersection of Sport Hill Road and Route 59

Easton, Connecticut 06612

The White Lady of Easton has been spotted walking along Route 59, Sport Hill Road, and within Union Cemetery. She’s darted in front of passing cars, she’s vanished when motorists pull over to offer help, and, according to one witness, she’s been struck by a car— enough to cause damage to the vehicle. The driver, a local fireman, was stunned, believing he had just run over a person, but as he looked around he found no body—not of a person and not of an animal. But there was an unexplainable dent in the hood of his car.

Union Cemetery is as scenic as it is historic. Headstones date back to the 1700s, some so weathered that they’re no longer readable. Death’s heads—cartoonish skulls with bat-like wings—adorn the tops of some of the old headstones. The small cemetery is still in use, but the living mourners aren’t the only ones to walk the grounds.


Renowned ghost investigators and authors Ed and Lorraine Warren once showed me a video Ed had captured of the White Lady on September 1, 1990, at 2:40 a.m. He had his video camera set on a tripod at the gate of the cemetery that night.

“The only light was a streetlight that was 50 yards from where I was sitting,” Ed recalled. “I heard a woman weeping, and I looked out and saw hundreds of ghost lights floating around and forming into a figure of a woman. I couldn’t make out facial features, but I could see she had long, dark hair and she was dressed in white. I started to walk toward her and she disappeared. You never walk toward the ghost—you let the ghost come to you because you can change the molecular makeup and magnetic field when a ghost is materializing.”

When watching the video, from the right-hand side of the picture, a misty white form takes shape into the outline of a human (presumably a woman), then weaves between several headstones and into the clearing just before the gate. As “she” gets closer to the camera, some dark blobs seem to jump at her from near her feet before she dissipates into the ground. The entire video lasts maybe five or six seconds but is among the most compelling footage ever shot.

The Warrens’ book, Graveyard (St. Martin’s Press, 1992), says the White Lady was a murder victim from the 1800s, and her body was dumped behind the Easton Baptist Church. The building is a picturesque white-steepled, old New England church that sits at the north end of the cemetery.

Today, the White Lady is a well-known piece of Fairfield County lore. As people drive by the cemetery (especially at night), many slow down and look around for the glowing white apparition.

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