Haunted Places

The White Lady of Easton Union Cemetery Intersection of Sport Hill Road and Route 59 Easton, Connecticut 06612 The White Lady of Easton has been spotted walking along Route 59, Sport Hill Road, and within Union Cemetery. She’s darted in front of passing cars, she’s vanished when motorists pull over to offer help, and, according […]

Windham Textile & History Museum, Willimantic, Connecticut (Haunted Place)

Windham Textile and History Museum 157 Union Street Willimantic, Connecticut 06226 Tel: 1 (860) 456-2178 Website: www.millmuseum.org For almost 130 years, this building has stood on the corner of Union and Main Streets. Down the road are the rows of houses built to accommodate the workers. If you were a foreman, you could live further […]

Carousel Gardens Restaurant, Seymour, Connecticut (Haunted Place)

Carousel Gardens Restaurant 153 North Street Seymour, Connecticut 06483 Tel: 1 (203) 888-2700 Website: www.carouselgardens.com William H. Wooster came to Seymour in 1878, having been born in Water-bury, Connecticut. He was known as a captain of industry. He started a bank, the water company, a manufacturing company, and was involved with the schools and church […]

Daniel Benton Homestead, Tolland, Connecticut (Haunted Place)

Daniel Benton Homestead 160 Metcalf Road Tolland, Connecticut 06084 Tel: 1 (860) 974-1875 Website : http://pages.cthome.net/tollandhistorical/benton%20museum. htm Upon first glance at the Daniel Benton Homestead, it would appear a quaint, colonial home in a quiet setting. But there is a very tragic story held within its walls—a love affair involving two young people whose lives […]

Joshua Chamberlain House Museum, Brunswick, Maine (Haunted Place)

Joshua Chamberlain House Museum 226 Main Street Brunswick, Maine 04011 Tel: 1 (207) 729-6606 Website: www. curtislibrary. com/pejepscot. htm The house was built in the 1820s and was renovated by Joshua Chamberlain in 1871. It stayed in the family until 1939, when it was sold to a local landlord. The landlord turned the building into […]

Boothe Homestead, Stratford, Connecticut (Haunted Place)

Boothe Homestead 134 Main Street Stratford, Connecticut 06614 Tel: 1 (203) 381-2068 The town of Stratford, Connecticut, is home to a piece of property with a rich and mysterious history. The Boothe Homestead sits among 32 acres filled with a picturesque landscape, unique architecture, and an even more interesting history. Stratford was originally organized in […]

Houghton Mansion, North Adams, Massachusetts (Haunted Place)

Massachusetts Houghton Mansion 172 Church Street North Adams, Massachusetts 01247 Tel: 1 (413) 663-3486 Website: http://houghton-mansion. tripod. com The Houghton Mansion is located deep in the Berkshires in North Adams, Massachusetts. It was the home of the former mayor of North Adams and wealthy patriarch Albert C. Houghton. On a warm summer’s day in 1911, […]

Captain Lindsey House, Rockland, Maine (Haunted Place)

Captain Lindsey House 5 Lindsey Street Rockland, Maine 04841 Tel: 1 (207) 596-7950 Website: www.lindseyhouse.com Nestled among the historic seaport buildings of Rockland, Maine, the nine-room Captain Lindsey House, built in 1837, is one of Rockland’s first inns. The house has served as the offices of the water company, a rooming house, and now an […]

The Devil’s Footprint, North Manchester, Maine (Haunted Place)

The Devil’s Footprint North Manchester, Maine This cemetery in central Maine has been a hot spot of urban legend and the setting for strange happenings. As you go up the hill to the graveyard, woods line both sides of the road, and as you ascend, you can sense that something is not right. The meeting […]

The Redheaded Hitchhiker of Route 44, Rehoboth, Massachusetts (Haunted Place)

The Redheaded Hitchhiker of Route 44 Route 44 near the Seekonk/Rehoboth line Rehoboth, Massachusetts One of the most popular and most notorious phantoms in Massachusetts walks along a dark stretch of road in the town of Rehoboth. For more than three decades, a redheaded man has been seen walking down Route 44, waiting to be […]