Foods of Spain

Spanish cooking is simple and delicious. It relies on fresh local ingredients for its clean natural flavor. Since Spain is blessed with a temperate climate, rich soil, and a long coastline, Spaniards have an abundance of fine ingredients to choose from. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, rice, wheat, chicken, pork, game, and cheese all find their way […]

A Reflection of Geography and History (Foods of Spain)

Because Spaniards prefer eating fresh local food, Spain’s diverse geography and climate, which ranges from snow-capped mountains to hot sundrenched beaches, affects what people eat. For instance, thick stews and soups are popular in the mountains. Fish pies made with cold-water creatures like octopus and cod are favored along the Atlantic coast, while along the […]

Round-the-Clock Treats (Foods of Spain)

Spaniards eat round-the-clock. Breakfast is served around 7 a.m. A few hours later, Spaniards enjoy a midmorning snack. Lunch follows late in the afternoon. Merienda (may-ree-en-dah), a late afternoon snack, and tapas (tah-pahs), an evening minimeal, tide hungry Spaniards over until supper, which is not eaten until at least 9 p.m. Some night owls might […]

Special Foods for Special Days (Foods of Spain)

Spaniards celebrate their favorite holidays with special foods, many of which the Spanish people have been eating for centuries. Treats like turron (toor-rown), rosea de reyes (roh-scah day ray-yes), and torrijas (tor-ree-has) are beloved and traditional parts of holiday celebrations. A Classic Christmas Treat Christmas is a festive time in Spain. Street vendors sell hot […]

Glossary (Foods of Spain)

alioli: A mayonnaise-like sauce made with garlic and olive oil. bacalao: Dried salted cod fish. banderillas: Miniature skewers used to hold tapas. cazuelas: Earthenware bowls. churrera: A star-shaped tube used to shape churros. churros: Fried pastries. cuisines: The foods of a nation or a group of people. empanadillas: Small stuffed turnovers and pies. flan: A […]