Glossary (Foods of Spain)

alioli: A mayonnaise-like sauce made with garlic and olive oil.

bacalao: Dried salted cod fish.

banderillas: Miniature skewers used to hold tapas.

cazuelas: Earthenware bowls.

churrera: A star-shaped tube used to shape churros.

churros: Fried pastries.

cuisines: The foods of a nation or a group of people.

empanadillas: Small stuffed turnovers and pies.

flan: A baked custard dessert.

gazpacho: A cold vegetable and bread soup.

merienda: A late afternoon snack.

Moors: The name of a group of Arabs who occupied Spain from the 8th to the 13 th century.

paella: A rice dish that often features seafood.

paellera: A pan used to make paella.

pestle: A small club-like tool used to mash vegetables, herbs, and spices.

rosea de reyes: A cake that is traditionally eaten on January 6 to end the Christmas season.

saffron: A spice made from the crocus flower.

sofrito: A sauce made with garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes.

tapas: Bite-sized appetizers or snacks.

taseas: The barlike restaurants in which tapas are served.

torrijas: A bread and egg dish similar to French toast.

tortilla espanola: A potato omelet.

turron: A fudge-like sweet made from ground nuts.

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