Nikon D300s

Monitor Matters: Picture Playback, Live View, and Movie Recording in Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Exploring picture playback functions Deciphering the picture information displays Deleting bad pictures and protecting great ones Using the monitor as viewfinder in Live View mode Recording and editing digital movies Without question, my favorite thing about digital photography is being able to view my pictures on the camera monitor the instant after […]

Controlling Picture Quality and Size in Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Reviewing factors that lead to poor photo quality Exploring resolution, pixels, and ppi Calculating the right resolution for traditional print sizes Deciding on the best file format: JPEG or NEF? Picking the right JPEG quality level Understanding the tradeoff between picture quality and file size Almost every review of the D300s contains […]

Fast and Easy- (Almost) Automatic Photography with the Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Enjoying the ease of P (programmed autoexposure) mode Getting comfortable with the basic picture-taking process Selecting a shutter-release mode Enabling flash Dipping your toe in creative waters with flexible programmed auto One look at the D300s tells you that it’s a complex piece of equipment,laden with options that provide precise control over […]

Attaching and using an SLR lens,Adjusting the viewfinder to your eyesight and using memory card Of Nikon D300s

In This Chapter Attaching and using an SLR lens Adjusting the viewfinder to your eyesight Selecting from menus Working with memory cards Getting acquainted with your camera Customizing basic operations I still remember the day that I bought my first SLR film camera. I was excited to finally move up from my one-button point-and-shoot camera, […]

Part 1 (Nikon D300s)

In this part Making sense of all the controls on your D300s isn’t something you can do in an afternoon — heck, in a week, or maybe even a month. But with the help of the chapters in this part, you can start taking great pictures right away. Chapter 1 addresses some basic setup steps, […]

Introduction To Nikon D300s

Nikon. The name has been associated with top-flight photography equipment for generations. And the introduction of the D300s has only enriched Nikon’s well-deserved reputation, offering all the control a photographer could want — and then some. In fact, this camera offers so many features that sorting them all out can be more than a little […]