Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB

Overview As the volume and complexity of data and results continues to grow with the increasing complexity of data sources and algorithms, the need for intuitive representations of that data and results becomes increasingly critical. The graphical representation of the results is often not only the most effective means of conveying the points of the […]

Visualization Considerations (MATLAB)

Why Visualize? The obvious question that is at the heart of MATLAB graphics is "Why would I ever want to visualize my data?" At its very essence, science is the quest for truth. However, some of those truths are not easily discovered, and in many cases, we don’t even know how to ask the appropriate […]

Sources of Data (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB)

What operations you perform on any given set of data as well as how you choose to visualize it are usually determined by the source of the data and by which aspects of it you wish to emphasize. In general, all the data you will ever work with will either be the result of some […]

Importing Data (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB)

Whenever we are dealing with data in MATLAB, whether it is function generated, or measured, we are first faced with just how to bring that data into the MATLAB environment. Fortunately MATLAB provides a rich set of commands that support data input and output from many different standard formats. If you have a data file […]

Elementary 2-D Plots (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB)

The most basic, yet often the most useful, graph that you may wish to create is a simple line plot of numeric data. The MATLAB language provides a set of high-level commands that are used to create these simple line plots. In order to simplify the discussion and descriptions of 2-D plots, let’s take a […]

Simple 2-D Plot Manipulation (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB) Part 1

So making a simple plot is easy enough with the plot command. In fact, you can see how attractive MATLAB might be for making quick plots and easily adding axis labels and titles. There’s lots more you can do and that is what we are going to discuss next. Generating Plots with Multiple Data Sets […]

Simple 2-D Plot Manipulation (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB) Part 2

Creating Supporting Text and Legends In the last section of this topic we will explore some of the new interactive ways MATLAB lets us edit our plots. You will see just how quick and easy it is to edit plots in the plot editing mode. Although convenient for quick edits, it is still necessary to […]

Simple 2-D Plot Manipulation (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB) Part 3

Special Text Character Formats You’ve seen that adding a string of text is relatively easy. You’ve even seen that you can have text in a title or on an axis label with more than one line by storing your strings in cell arrays. But in all these cases the text we provided were those characters […]

Specialized 2-D Plotting (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB) Part 1

MATLAB provides several high-level plotting routines to facilitate the creation of some of the more common types of graphs and certain special or application specific graphs. Some of these routines are similar to those typically found in plotting packages or spreadsheet applications. This section will make you aware of the types of specialized plots that […]

Specialized 2-D Plotting (Plotting in Two Dimensions) (MATLAB) Part 2

Stairstep Graphs Instead of creating lines that directly connect your data, if you so choose you can create a plot that emphasizes the discrete nature of the data. MATLAB provides a function that will create a stairstep graph of your data. You can use stairs(y) or stairs(x,y) to draw horizontal lines at the level specified […]