Foods of India

Indian cooking is colorful, fragrant, and delicious. It depends on a wide array of spices, legumes, and grains for its distinct character. An Ancient Treasure India is the world’s chief supplier of spices and has been for at least thirty-six hundred years. These fragrant and flavorful plant substances, which often have been more prized than […]

Common Threads (Foods of India)

India is a large country with many geographic differences. Plains, deserts, thousands of miles of coastline dotted with tropical beaches, and snow-capped mountains all are a part of India. This geographic diversity affects what the 1 billion people who live here eat. For example, coconuts, seafood, and tropical fruit are popular on the coasts where […]

Tasty Snacks (Foods of India)

Indians love to snack. Street stalls and roving food vendors can be found in every city and village. "Whatever the time of day, people are boiling, frying, roasting, peeling, juicing, simmering, mixing, or baking some class of food and drink to lure passers-by," explain Hughes, Mookherjee, and Delacy. "Snacking is second nature to Indians. . […]

Honored Guests (Foods of India)

Hospitality is very important in India. "When a guest walks into your house," an Indian saying goes, "God comes with him."14 That is why the finest food is reserved for guests. A Unique Beverage As soon as visitors enter an Indian home, they are offered a welcoming beverage. In southern India, rasam (rah-sahm) is specially […]

Metric conversions (Foods of India)

Mass (weight) 1 ounce (oz.) = 28.0 grams (g) 8 ounces = 227.0 grams 1 pound (lb.) or 16 ounces = 0.45 kilograms (kg) 2.2 pounds = 1.0 kilogram Liquid Volume 1 teaspoon (tsp.) = 5.0 milliliters (ml) 1 tablespoon (tbsp.) = 15.0 milliliters 1 fluid ounce (oz.) = 30.0 milliliters 1 cup (c.) = […]

Foods of India

barfi: A fudgelike sweet. biriyani: A layered rice casserole. chaats: Snack foods, which are usually deep-fried. chai: Sweet, milky, spiced tea. chapati: A type of Indian flat bread. chutneys: Relishes made with fresh fruits and vegetables and spices. dal: A stewlike dish made with legumes and spices. Diwali: The Hindu festival of lights. garam masala: […]