Payment methods on Ebay

In This Chapter Finding the payment method that suits your needs Discovering the ins and outs of payment services Exploring merchant accounts The hours you spend selecting your items, photographing them, touching up the pictures, and writing brilliant auction copy all come down to one thing: getting paid. Initially, you may be happy to take […]

Providing Excellent Customer Service on Ebay

In This Chapter Making a good first impression Describing items effectively Writing the perfect e-mail If the customer is always right’ may be an old adage, but if you want your m business to thrive on eBay, you need to take a leaf out of this topic. While not always right, the customer is your […]

Jazzing Up Your Auctions on Ebay

In This Chapter Writing a great description Setting up a photo studio Shooting great pics Scanning your items Sprucing up your photos with imaging software Hosting your pics Finding HTML templates Sule number 1: A good photograph and a concisely written description are the goal for all your auctions. If you’re trying to fetch the […]

Money and Sense – Budgeting and Marketing Your Auctions on Ebay

In This Chapter Marketing your listings by choosing the right category Using promotional options to your advantage Paying eBay.co.uk: The low-down on basic fees Your entire online business is just that: A business. In every business, decisions are made regarding how much money to spend on each division of the company. Because you’re the head […]

Software Built for Online Auctions on Ebay

In This Chapter Figuring out what tasks you can automate Finding online auction management services Exploring auction management software Now that eBay.co.uk has become a world marketplace, a single-page auction or item listing is an increasingly valuable piece of property. Thousands view your sale, and the more auctions and fixed-price items that you can list, […]

Part III (eBay)

In this part Now it’s time to delve into the pounds and sense of your eBay.co.uk business. In this part we discuss automating your business by using online and offline tools, jazzing up your auctions, setting up your home photo studio, and handling shipping (the bane of most businesses). We also give you the lowdown […]

Establishing a Base on Ebay – Your Web Site

In This Chapter Finding free Web space Choosing a host Deciding on the perfect name Registering the perfect name Marketing your piece of the Web Your eBay.co.uk shop is important to your business, but it doesn’t replace an e-commerce Web site. Yes, eBay is an important site (duh) for your sales and store, but so […]

Knowing Your Merchandise on Ebay

In This Chapter Searching eBay.co.uk for comparative pricing Finding publications in your area of interest Using online appraisal services Authenticating your merchandise If you don’t know what your item is worth, you may not get the highest <C price in any market. If you don’t know how to make your item easy to find, it […]

Stocking Your Shop on Ebay

In This Chapter Prowling pound shops and cruising car boot sales Researching going-out-of-business sales, auctions, and resale shops Finding freebies and selling salvage Selling by consignment You’re probably wondering just how you can possibly get enough merchandise to list as many as twenty items a day. But you’re going to have to if you want […]

Part II (eBay)

In this part Your hobby is what you love, and I’m betting you have a household of duplicate items – the perfect stuff to sell on eBay.co.uk! Or why not buy from other collectors locally and become a specialist on eBay.co.uk? Or perhaps you’d like to sell inventory from an existing business or from others […]