Capillary To Chalk (Aviation)

Capillary‘ noun a very fine or narrow tube capillary action capillary flow  noun the action by which a liquid rises up a narrow tube Capsulenoun a small closed container Captainnoun the person in charge of an aircraft o The captain asked all passengers to remain seated until the aircraft had come to a stop. captiveadjective […]

Character To Cloud (Aviation)

Characternoun 1. a quality or set of qualities which make something different and separate from something else The circulation of the atmosphere is zonal in character. 2. an individual letter, number or symbol used in printing and writing characterisecharacterize verb □ to be characterised by to have qualities or features which make it different and […]

Cloud base To Compensate (Aviation)

Cloud basenoun the bottom part of a layer of cloud o In general, the lower the cloud base, the less heat is lost by the earth. cloud ceilingnoun the height above the ground or water of the base of the lowest layer of cloud cloud groupnoun a collection of different cloud types which have similarities, […]

Compensation To Congestion (Aviation)

Compensationnoun money paid to an individual or organization to replace or make up for physical or financial loss o The company paid out $2 million in compensation to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy. compilationnoun the putting together of suitable information o The manual is a compilation of materials used […]

Conic To Contribute (Aviation)

Conicadjective based on the shape of a cone □ conic projection the standard two-dimensional representation of the earth conicaladjective shaped like a cone The nose of Concorde has a conical shape. conjunction‘ noun in conjunction with working or operating together with o Built-up areas, used in conjunction with other features such as rivers, railways and […]

Control To Cover (Aviation)

Controlnoun 1. the authority or ability to direct somebody or something 2. □ crowd control the management of the movements of large numbers of people 3. checking or examining ■ verb to direct, to manage or to make a machine, system, procedure, etc., work in the correct way o The purpose of the centrifugal .switch […]

Coverage To Depressurize deactivate (Aviation)

Coverage„ noun 1. the amount of space or time given to a subject, an event, etc.More complete coverage of the one-in-sixty rule is given in the plotting section of these notes. 2. the area within which a radar unit can detect objects o glidepath coverage o localiser coverage cowlnoun a covering usually made up of […]

Dead reckoning To Deploy (Aviation)

Dead reckoningreckoning noun navigation using calculations based on airspeed, course, heading, wind direction and speed, ground speed, and time o In the early stages of practical navigation, the student pilot navigates by using dead reckoning. Abbreviation DR (note: The term comes from ‘deduced’ reckoning or ‘ded’ reckoning.) De-aerateverb to remove gas, especially carbon dioxide or […]

Deposit To Director (Aviation)

Depositnoun a layer of collected matter on a surface o A deposit of ice crystals causes the aircraft surfaces to change their aerodynamic characteristics. o Wheel brakes should be inspected for snow or ice deposits. depreciateverb to decrease in value o The aircraft depreciated by 100% over the 5 year period. Opposite appreciate depreciationnoun a […]

Disadvantage To Dominate (Aviation)

Disadvantagenoun an unwanted situation or condition, or a factor which makes somebody or something less likely to succeed o The disadvantage of a booster pump is that the output is constant so that when engine demand is high, fuel pressure tends to be low and vice versa. Opposite advantage disadvantagedadjective □ physically disadvantaged (person) a […]