Capillary To Chalk (Aviation)

Capillarytmp1D7A-4_thumb‘ noun a very fine or narrow tube capillary actiontmp1D7A-5_thumb capillary flow  noun the action by which a liquid rises up a narrow tube

Capsuletmp1D7A-6_thumbnoun a small closed container

Captaintmp1D7A-7_thumbnoun the person in charge of an aircraft o The captain asked all passengers to remain seated until the aircraft had come to a stop.

captivetmp1D7A-8_thumbadjective not free to move

captive balloontmp1D7A-9_thumb noun a balloon which, when in flight, is attached to the ground by a long cable carbontmp1D7A-10_thumbnoun 1. a non- metallic element, which is a component of living matter and organic chemical compounds and is found in various forms, e.g. as diamonds or charcoal 2. a black material with good electrical properties

Carbon brushtmp1D7A-11_thumbnoun a small, replaceable, carbon block found in electric motors, generators and alternators, which provides the passage of electric current

carbon depositstmp1D7A-12_thumb tmp1D7A-13_thumbplural noun residues of burnt oil deposited in the combustion chamber, etc., in the course of the combustion process o Carbon deposits on a spark-plug electrode may cause misfiring.

carbon dioxidetmp1D7A-14_thumb tmp1D7A-15_thumbnoun a colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas found in the atmosphere, and also used in fire extinguishers and fizzy drinks o Carbon dioxide can be solidified at low temperature to produce dry ice. Symbol CO2 carbon fibretmp1D7A-16_thumbnoun a thin, light and very strong strand of pure carbon which can be combined with other materials to make them stronger

carbon monoxidetmp1D7A-17_thumb tmp1D7A-18_thumbnoun a colourless but poisonous gas from incomplete combustion found in the exhausts of spark ignition engines.

Symbol CO carburationtmp1D7A-19_thumbnoun the process of mixing fuel with air in a carburettor o Carburation must ensure that rapid and complete burning will take place within the cylinder.

carburettortmp1D7A-20_thumbnoun a device for mixing air with fuel in the right quantities before combustion o Most carburettors are installed so that they are in a warm position.

carburettor heattmp1D7A-21_thumb noun a system for keeping the carburettor and associated components free of ice

carburettor icingtmp1D7A-22_thumb tmp1D7A-23_thumbnoun a process by which, under particular conditions, ice forms in the venturi tube of the carburettor cardioidtmp1D7A-24_thumb‘ adjective shaped like a heart o The cardioid polar diagram of the magnetic field around a bar-magnet.

carouseltmp1D93-1_thumbnoun a rotating platform from where arriving passengers can pick up their baggage o Baggage from flight AC123 is on carousel No 4.

carriagetmp1D93-2_thumbnoun the act of carrying o Regulations require the carriage of life-rafts when flying over water.

carriertmp1D93-3_thumbnoun 1. a person or organisation that carries people or goods from one place to another o Individual carriers assign codes to aircraft. 2. a frame or bag in which objects can be carried

carrier wavetmp1D93-4_thumbnoun a radio signal that is transmitted continuously at a constant amplitude and frequency o Amplitude modulation has only one pair of usable sidebands each at about one sixth of the signal strength of the carrier.

carrytmp1D93-5_thumbverb to take somebody or something from one place to another o The aircraft was carrying 120 passengers. (note: carrying – carried)

cartridgetmp1D93-6_thumbnoun a removable unit for an air filter o Cabin air filters normally consist of a casing, housing a replaceable filter cartridge. CAS abbreviation 1. calibrated airspeed 2. controlled airspace casetmp1D93-7_thumbnoun 1. an outer covering, housing or jacket o Cooling air is directed through passages in the engine case to control engine case temperature. 2. an example, situation or circumstance o In some special cases, e.g. for landing and take-off, wind directions are measuredfrom magnetic north.

casingtmp1D93-8_thumbnoun a cover that encloses a piece of equipment, etc. o Annular and outer air casing form a tunnel around the spine of the engine.

CATtmp1D93-9_thumbabbreviation clear air turbulence

catastrophetmp1D93-10_thumbnoun a very bad event or accident, a disaster o the recent air catastrophe off the Nova Scotia coast.Although the family were not at home when it happened, the crash which destroyed their house was a catastrophe for them.

catastrophictmp1D93-11_thumbadjective terrible, disastrous o In a catastrophic accident where many persons may be disabled, those who show signs of life should be rescued first. categorisetmp1D93-12_thumbcategorize verb to put into groups, classes or categories o Figure 2 categorises the types of wave by frequency band.Aircraft can be categorised by weight, number of engines, role, etc. categorytmp1D93-13_thumbnoun an official class or group o Load factors vary depending on the category of aircraft. cathodetmp1D93-14_thumbnoun a negative electrode or terminal o The cathode is a metal cylinder fitted with an internal heater. 

cathode ray tubetmp1D93-15_thumb tmp1D93-16_thumbnoun a high-vacuum tube in which cathode rays produce an image on a screen such as a TV screen o Electronic indicating systems show engine indications, systems monitoring and crew alerting functions on one or more cathode ray tubes or liquid crystal displays mounted in the instrument panel. Abbreviation CRT causetmp1D93-17_thumbnoun something that makes something else happen, a reason o If the ammeter shows a high state of charge after start up, it is quite normal and no cause for alarm. verb to make something happen o Air in the fuel line can cause an engine to flame-out or stop.

cautiontmp1D93-18_thumbnoun 1. advice or a warning to be careful o If a problem occurs in the spoiler system, a master caution light illuminates. 2. care o Proceed with caution.

Cavitationtmp1D93-19_thumbnoun the formation of vapour-filled cavities or holes in liquids and gases, caused by low pressure or high speed o Most reservoirs are pressurised to provide a positive fluid pressure at the pump inlet and thus prevent cavitation and the formation of bubbles.

Cavitytmp1D93-20_thumbnoun a hole Deicing fluid flows into the cavity in the distributor panels before passing through the porous steel outer skin. CB abbreviation cumulonimbus cctmp1DA8-1_thumbabbreviation cubic centimetres cd symbol candela

CDI abbreviation course deviation indicator ceasetmp1DA8-2_thumbverb to stop o If fuel, oxygen or heat is removed from the fire triangle, combustion will cease.

Ceilingtmp1DA8-3_thumbnoun 1. the highest point 2. the greatest pressure height that can be reached o The aircraft has a ceiling of50,000ft.

celestialtmp1DA8-4_thumbadjective refer ring to the sky □ celestial navigation

navigation by using the stars in the sky celltmp1DA8-5_thumbnoun 1. a system of positive and negative plates for storage of electricity that form a battery o A battery is a device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy and is made up of a number of cells. 2. the central part of a thunder cloud o The life cycle of the thunderstorm cell ends when the downdraughts have spread throughout the cloud.

Celsiustmp1DA8-6_thumbnoun a scale for measuring temperature in which water freezes at 0° and boils at 100°. Symbol C. Compare Fahrenheit centertmp1DA8-7_thumbnoun, verb US same as centre

centerlinetmp1DA8-8_thumbnoun US same as centreline

centigradetmp1DA8-9_thumbnoun a scale for measuring temperature in which water freezes at 0° and boils at 100°. Symbol C. Compare Fahrenheit centimetretmp1DA8-10_thumbnoun a measure of length that is equal to one hundredth of a metre (note: 2.54 cm = 1 inch.)

centraltmp1DA8-11_thumbadjective located in the centre or in the middle o The control knob is moved from the central position.

Central Flow Management Unit (Brussels)tmp1DA8-12_thumb tmp1DA8-13_thumb

noun a central agency in Brussels that is responsible for air traffic management throughout the area controlled by the ECAC

centralisetmp1DA8-14_thumbcentralize verb to put into the centre or into the middle position o The operating jack centralises the control surface after the turn.

Central Standard Timetmp1DA8-15_thumb tmp1DA8-16_thumbnoun the time zone of the east-central part of the USA and Canada, 6 hours behind GMT centretmp1DA8-17_thumbnoun 1. the middle

The plane of the great circle passes through the centre of a sphere. □ centre of a circle mid-point of a circle, point in the middle of a circle 2. a main building or office o Area Forecasting Centre ■ verb to move to a central position o Centre the control column. (note: centred – centring; the US English is centered – centering.)

centre fixtmp1DA8-18_thumbnoun same as self-positioning

Centrelinetmp1DA8-19_thumbnoun a painted or imaginary line running along the centre of the runway (note: It is also written centre line; written centerline in US English.)

centre of gravitytmp1DA8-20_thumb tmp1DA8-21_thumbnoun the point at which a body can be balanced o Distribution of the tanks and the fuel in the tanks is vital in maintaining the aircraft centre of gravity and trim.

Abbreviation CG

Comment: If the centre of gravity is outside the limits, the aircraft may be difficult or impossible to control.

centrifugaltmp1DA8-22_thumbsen tmp1DA8-23_thumbadjective moving away from the centre o The blades must be strong enough to carry the centrifugal loads due to rotation at high speed.

centrifugal forcetmp1DA8-24_thumb tmp1DA8-25_thumbnoun outward force caused by turning motion

centrifugetmp1DA8-26_thumbnoun a device which uses centrifugal force to separate or remove liquids ■ verb to separate liquids by using centrifugal force o The rotating vanes of the breather centrifuge the oil from the mist.

centripetaltmp1DC3-1_thumbsen tmp1DC3-2_thumbadjective moving towards the centre

centripetal forcetmp1DC3-3_thumb tmp1DC3-4_thumbnoun inward, centre-seeking force working in opposition to centrifugal force o The magnitude of the centripetal force varies with the square of the wind speed. o In a turn, lift provides the centripetal force.

certaintmp1DC3-5_thumb‘ adjective 1. particular, some o in certain areas o at certain times o under certain circumstances 2. sure There are certain to be horizontal differences in the mean temperature of a layer. □ to make certain to make sure o Make certain that the parking brake is on before doing engine run-up checks.

certificate nountmp1DC3-6_thumban official document which states that particular facts are true verb to award or give a certificate □ aircraft which are certificated for flight aircraft which have the necessary paperwork to be authorised to fly certificate of airworthinesstmp1DC3-7_thumb tmp1DC3-8_thumbnoun a document issued by an aviation authority stating that an aircraft meets specific safety and performance requirements that allow it to be used in service o An authorised person may require production of the Certificate of Airworthiness.

Abbreviation C of A certificationtmp1DC3-9_thumbnoun the process of giving certificates o The inferential method of ice detection is used on flight trials for certification of aircraft.

certifytmp1DC3-10_thumbverb to authorise or permit the use of something o The aircraft is certified for aerobatic flight. CFI abbreviation chief flying instructor CFMU abbreviation Central Flow Management Unit

CFRP abbreviation carbon fibre reinforced plastic

Chalktmp1DC3-11_thumbnoun a soft white lime stone rock that may be used in powder form or as a shaped stick for writing with  Oil, which is trapped in the defects, is absorbed by the chalk thus indicating their positions. chambertmp1DC3-12_thumbnoun a small enclosed compartment chandelletmp1DC3-13_thumbnoun a steep climbing turn in which an aircraft almost stalls as it uses momentum to increase its rate of climb channeltmp1DC3-14_thumbnoun a special frequency band for the transmission of radio signals o The system operates on VHF communications between 118 and 135.95 MHz giving 360 channels at 50 kHz spacing.

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