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audio for Scene 11 Slate 23 Take 2 and press T to bring up the Trim tool. Select the video-only portion of
both sides of the edit point between Scene 11 Slate 19 Take 3 and Scene 11 Slate 23 Take 2, and roll the edit
point to the right by 8 frames. Press A to switch back to the Select tool and play back the first four clips in
the sequence.
Figure 10.25 Adjusting the audio fade handles to smooth out the sound.
9. After Katie counters Joyce's explanation with “. . . it wasn't dream,” it would be appropriate to see
Joyce's response. Make sure the Filter pop-up menu is still set to Favorites in the Event Browser , and then
select and play Scene 11 Slate 21 Take 3. This medium shot of Joyce's reaction is just the shot we need to
cut to next in the sequence (see Figure 10.26). Position the playhead at the end of the fourth clip (Scene 11
Slate 23 Take 2) in the sequence (this should be at 16 seconds and 22 frames in the Timeline) and press D to
overwrite Scene 11 Slate 21 Take 3 to the Primary Storyline.
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