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3.9.2 Minimum and Maximum Width
In most cases, it helps to set a minimum and maximum width. You can apply
these settings to the stage itself and also to each symbol individually. In the
example below, such settings would automatically adjust the composition to
the width of the browser window, but no smaller than 600 px and no larger than
1200 px. However, the height always has a fixed value of 200 px. Make sure that
the Overflow option is set to hidden to prevent elements from unexpectedly
showing outside of their container edges.
Figure 3.47
A Stage with a flexible width, as well as a
minimum and maximum width, has an
optimal display on different devices
3.9.3 Arranging Elements Flexibly
Of course, in many cases it is not enough just to use percentages for coordinate
or size properties. Say, for example, you want an element to always align with the
right side of a composition. These settings are no longer sufficient. To achieve
such positioning, the Position and Size section on the Property panel contains
an icon with four small squares for relative positioning. For example, choose the
Relative to Bottom and Right square on the icon and the element will always
maintain its current distance from the bottom and right edges when the Stage
changes in size.
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