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Figure 3.48
In Edge Animate, elements may also be
aligned to the right or lower edge of the
The following example shows how to fill a flexible Stage with shapes that
each take up 50% of the total Stage area. The right section always has the same
dimensions as the left, but is aligned to the right edge of the Stage.
Figure 3.49
An example of a flexible layout with
sections sized relative to the Stage
3.9.4 Presets for Flexible Layouts
In many cases, you have to combine the various layout options. It helps to be
familiar with the many CSS properties in order to keep track of everything. How-
ever, to maintain a certain level of intuitiveness, Edge Animate offers standard
settings (presets) that simplify some of the more unusual layout combinations.
These presets can be accessed via the Layout Preset button in the Position and
Size section of the Property panel. The left side of the Layout Presets dialog
displays the various presets. The right side displays which CSS properties are
affected and modified by the particular preset.
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