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Thingiverse user superami made a parametric pirate hook ( Figure 3-3 )
for his son's birthday party that is scaled to fit the small hand of a 4-5
year old child.
Figure 3-3. superami's parametric pirate hook
Halloween costumes,
In many households, Halloween usually ends up being a last minute
event, with both kids and adults scrambling for costumes. Even when
costumes are planned in advance, it is easy for something to break at
the last minute. However, when this happens at MakerBlock's house, it
becomes another MakerBot Hero Dad moment.
This was a big weekend for a MakerBot dad like me. My daughter
wanted to be a witch for Halloween and so we got her a costume,
complete with small plastic broom. The broom came in two parts
that screwed together. While letting a kid play in their costume even
when it's not actually Halloween is part of the fun, it wasn't long
before she managed to break the broom right in the middle. The
plastic screw had broken off one side, while stuck in the other.
No problemo! I measured the broken parts, thought of a fix, and
created a workable digital model in less than five minutes. The part
took about 30 minutes to replicate (in PLA, since that's what I had
loaded in my MakerBot). It consists of a plastic cylinder with notch-
es where the pins in the broom fit. This keeps the part from rotating
or sliding out of place. I'm pretty sure that particular joint is the
strongest part of the entire broom (see Figure 3-4 ) at this point.
— MakerBlock
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