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the key for his piggy bank and couldn't open it to retrieve his savings.
With a little work and some PLA, snrk was able to craft and replicate a
key ( Figure 3-2 ) that was able to turn the piggy bank lock. A major win
for a MakerBot dad!
Figure 3-2. The key to unlocking a child's riches
Lost board game pieces,
Board game pieces are another area where being able to produce cus-
tom or replacement plastic parts can save the day. How many times have
you embarked upon a family game night only to discover that a favorite
game marker or important piece has disappeared? Being able to repli-
cate lost or new game pieces can turn a disappointing experience into a
evening of family fun.
Superami shared a story of a favorite board game that was repaired with
a MakerBot:
At the flea market this weekend I found a board game from my
childhood, so of course, I bought it for my child. Unfortunately it
was missing one of the plastic feet for the game pieces. So, I broke
out the calipers and got 'scading [a reference to OpenSCAD, one
of the great—and free—programs you can use to design parts]. The
piece is designed for the great game Mausefalle ( http://boardga ), but it should work
with little or no modification with many a great board game with
cardboard cutout game pieces (i.e., Candy Land).
Endless party favors,
A MakerBot is also great tool for kids' parties: think of all the costume
accessories and custom decorations you can make—your MakerBot is
a party making machine. If your child needs a custom-sized costume
accessory for a pirate themed birthday party, then your MakerBot can
turn you into a superhero!
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