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Figure 3-4. MakerBlock's plastic broom!/bre/status/125024162296250368 :
OH in MakerBot IRC: MakerBot dad says that when a toy
gets broken, his 6 yo daughter "don't worry daddy, we can
print a new one"
Proudest MakerBot Dad moment,
About two weeks ago I had taken my daughter to a friend's house
for a dinner party. She played with some kind of little board game
with plastic ducks that you fish out of a moving pond. On the way
back home she asked about that game.
The best, the part that made me proud, was that she asked me
about how she and I could replicate ducks so we could have a ver-
sion of this game for ourselves. We discussed how I have red and
yellow plastic, but not orange. How we would have to design the
duck, make the duck in yellow, and then paint it with orange for the
beak and legs.
I love that my daughter was thinking more about how something
was constructed, how we could replicate or create a version of it,
and about the material problems we'd have to work around to cre-
ate a toy for her. Arguably, she is really thinking about how to copy
existing products rather than designing or inventing. However, I
learned how to draw by copying art from comic topics and how to
write HTML by taking apart web pages and modifying them.
She could just as easily have asked me to buy the game for her or
asked for it as a birthday or Christmas present. I'd much rather she
began thinking like an inventor or designer than merely a
— MakerBlock
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