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Now you've got a pawn! Click the 123D application menu, and choose
Save To My Projects. Give it a name (maybe My Chess Piece), some tags
(such as chess, games), and a description. You can make it either Private or
Public, then click OK. Wait about ten minutes (123D needs to digest your new
upload), then visit , log in, and visit your Models and
Projects; you should find an STL file for download there. If you have any trou-
bles with this tool, visit the 123D Design support forum at http://forum. .
Trimble SketchUp (formerly Google SketchUp) is a free 3D modeler. It also
is available in a paid, Pro version with additional features. Unlike Tinkercad
and 3DTin, you need to download and install the SketchUp software from .
Before we get started with a tutorial, download and install SketchUp. Then
take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the interface and the tools.
When you placing your cursor over a icon in the main SketchUp toolbar, a
label displaying the name of the tool will appear.
Here are some general tips for working with SketchUp:
To move objects
• You must click on the select tool (looks like a mouse pointer), then
click on the move tool (four red arrows facing outward, connected
in the middle) to move an object.
• After repositioning an object, make sure to left click to stop the move
operation, otherwise you continue to drag the object around, which
can be frustrating.
To extrude objects
• Push / Pull tool (looks like a box with a red arrow pointing out of the
top) will extrude any selected surface forward or backward.
Zooming in or out
• The zoom tool looks like a magnifying glass. When zooming, moving
the cursor up on the screen zooms out on the model. Dragging the
cursor down zooms out.
• To zoom in on a specific location, click the location on the model
that you wish to zoom to with the pan tool (looks like a white hand),
then zoom in.
When drawing objects
• Click the mouse to start drawing, then click it again to stop (do not
click and drag).
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