Graphics Programs Reference
In-Depth Information
1. Open the file Ch14_Butterfly.tif from the
Chapter 14 folder.
2. Choose Filter > Stylize > Glowing Edges.
3. Adjust the sliders as desired until you have
an image that looks much like a black velvet
4. Click OK.
5. Invoke the Fade command by choos-
ing Edit > Fade < name of filter>, >, or
press Command+Shift+F
(Ctrl+Shift+F). To remember
this shortcut, think of it as
though you want to command
(or control) the shifting (fading)
of the filter.
6. Try different blending
modes and Opacity settings
to modify the look of the
Using the Fade Command
If you forget to invoke the Fade command, step backward through your
History panel until the filter is removed. Then run the last filter again (with
the same settings) by pressing Command+F (Ctrl+F). You can then invoke
the Fade command.
The Guide to Standard Filters
Do you want to know more about filters? You'll find a detailed
filter guide included in the Chapter 14 folder. The guide examines
every standard filter included with Photoshop CS6.
Filters are often surprising, so the guide will help you explore
them in depth. Be sure to examine the official uses for each filter
as well as recommendations for new techniques. The guide is
richly illustrated to help inspire new ideas.
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