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Patch Tool
The Patch tool uses the same technology as the Healing Brush
tool, but it is better suited to fix large problem areas. Start using
the Patch tool by selecting the area for repair and then dragging
to specify the sampled area. For best results, select a small area.
The Patch tool can be used two different ways:
Source. Make a selection in the area that needs repair, and
then drag to an area of good pixels.
Destination. Make a selection in an area of good pixels, and
then drag that selection on top of the unwanted pixels.
Let's give it a try.
1. Close any open files, and then open the file Ch11_Patch1.tif
from the Chapter 11 folder.
2. Select the Patch tool by pressing J to cycle through the tools.
(It's in the same well as the Healing Brush tool.)
3. Set the Patch tool to Content-Aware. This does a superior
job of removing the patched area and seamlessly blending it.
The feature is new to CS6; if you're using an earlier version of
Photoshop, choose Source.
4. Set the Adaptation method to Very Strict for the highest-
quality patch.
5. Make a selection around the discarded cigarette butt under the
cat's arm.
6. Drag into the clear area of the brick street.
7. Release and let the Patch tool blend.
8. Repeat for the remaining trash or blemishes in the shot.
Making Selections
Although you can make a selection with the Patch tool, you can always
make a selection using any other selection tool (such as Marquees or
Lassos), and then activate the Patch tool. The Patch tool behaves just like
the Lasso tool (as far as selections go), but it may not offer the level of
control you need.
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