Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
In addition to selecting directly from tags, a wealth of options that are useful
for finding images is available in the Find menu (Figure 1.28). In particular, selecting
by date range and History come in handy to only show images within a particular set
of dates, or images that you have submitted or used previously.
Figure 1.28
Additional selection options are available in the Find menu.
Selecting by Rating and Label
Users of Organizer, Bridge, and many other tools (such as iPhoto) can also select by
rating. If you have a large group of similar images, it can be effective to make a selec-
tion based on keywords and then narrow down the results by using ratings. In Bridge,
this can be done as part of the search by adding a Rating criteria. Figure 1.29 shows a
search that will return all of the images with wading birds that are rated four stars or
Figure 1.29
Yo u c an build complex searches easily by using ratings along with keywords.
Alternatively, you can narrow down the selection after the search by select-
ing the rating or label from the Filter list at the top of the Bridge thumbnail view
(Figure 1.30).
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