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Another difference between File Browser and Bridge search dialogs are the Crite-
ria from which you can select. File Browser has an option to search by Flag, while
Bridge includes options to search by Rating or Label among other options.
Organizer handles things a bit differently. Rather than using a Search dialog, you
simply check the boxes next to the tags, or keywords, that you want to find. I love the
simplicity of this method. Clicking one or more tags allows you to build a complex
selection without much effort. Unfortunately, trying to get to the right tags in a group
of many tags can be frustrating.
In the example shown in Figure 1.27, the tags selected for searching are shown
with a binocular icon.
As with File Browser, multiple tag selections work as an AND. In this example,
Organizer would find only those images that were tagged with Kathy, Ken, Erin, Bo,
Rose, Clay, and Luke. It's not likely that many images would contain all of these tags
so you can modify the search to perform as an OR by clicking the Close checkbox
above the thumbnails as I've done here.
Figure 1.27
Searches in Organizer are done by selecting tags.
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