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Note: Tags can be created and then assigned, or the other way around. Tags are to Organizer what key-
words are to File Browser.
Tags are organized in categories. Each category can contain tags or sub-categories
or both. If you were to create a set of tags for bird images, you might have a structure
similar to this:
• Birds - category
• Raptors - sub-category
• Eagle - tag
• Hawk - tag
•Wading - sub-category
• GBH - tag
• Egret - tag
The advantage to this type of tagging system becomes obvious when you start to
use it. When you're ready to find bird images, you have multiple options that are only
a click away. If you want to find all birds, click the checkbox next to the Birds cate-
gory. Everything within that, in this case Eagle, Hawk, GBH (Great Blue Heron), and
Egret will be displayed.
If you want only the Raptors, checking that tag will display only the Eagle
and Hawk images. And, finally, checking Hawk will display only those images with
the Hawk tag.
Note: Yo u c an make sub-categories to a ridiculous level (I stopped trying at 17). In real life, you
shouldn't need to go more than three or four levels deep.
Keywords in File Browser and Bridge
Photoshop Elements File Browser and Bridge don't offer the same level of convenience
that Organizer does, but assigning keywords is still easily done. The techniques
described here apply to both Macintosh and Windows users of Bridge and Macintosh
users of File Browser.
To create a keyword in either application, select the Keywords tab. Clicking on
the folder icon will create a new Keyword Set that acts as a top-level grouping for
similar keywords. The folded page icon will create a new keyword that will be
placed in the current Keyword Set. If you wanted to create a new set of keywords, you
would start by creating the Keyword Set and naming it. Using the earlier example of
Birds, you would create a set for Raptors and another for Wading. With the Raptors
set selected, create keywords for Eagle and Hawk.
You may have noticed that I created these sets a bit differently than the Orga-
nizer example. Bridge and File Browser don't allow nested sets, so creating one main
set for birds with subsets isn't possible here.
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