Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 1.1 (left) The Windows version of File Browser does not include the Flag or Automate features found in the Macintosh
version. (right) The Macintosh version looks very similar, but it includes a Flag files feature and the ability to add Keywords.
File Browser is where, on the Macintosh version of Photoshop Elements, you'll
add keywords and mark files for editing or deleting. File Browser also contains the
search function to help you find the image you are looking for among the hundreds or
thousands on your computer.
With both platforms, File Browser can be used to copy images from memory
cards to your hard drive. Begin by launching Photoshop Elements and selecting File >
Browse Folders.
In the Folders panel, select your memory card and the folder that contains your
images. In my example from the Macintosh, shown in Figure 1.2, this would be
Figure 1.2
File Browser can be used to copy images from a memory card to a folder on your computer.
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