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Downloading and Organizing Your Images
Before you can begin converting your images, you need to get them onto your computer.
Mac users can utilize the Macintosh Image Capture application to handle this, while
Windows users of Photoshop Elements can use the Organizer and Downloader. Either of
these platforms will recognize when a camera or memory card is connected to the com-
puter and automatically start, making the first step as easy as possible. If you're using
Photoshop on either platform, Bridge can be used to copy images and organize them.
Because the Macintosh and Windows platforms handle file transfer so differ-
ently, I'll cover them separately throughout the topic in these situations.
Although you can transfer images directly from your camera through a USB or
FireWire connection, I prefer to use a card reader or external storage device for a cou-
ple of reasons. First and foremost, transferring directly from your camera means using
a power supply or the camera battery. Hooking up a separate power supply is incon-
venient, and using battery power means recharging sooner. Regardless of the power
source, it also means no more shooting until the transfer is completed. I tend to shoot
with multiple memory cards and travel with a laptop or battery-powered storage device
for quick edits. This allows me to upload images from one card while I continue to
shoot using another card. Of course the easiest method is to carry enough memory
cards that running out of space isn't a concern. And, with the continuing drop in
prices, this is becoming a realistic option for many of us.
Which application should you use?
If you're using Photoshop Elements on Windows, I recommend using the Down-
loader application along with Organizer.
Macintosh users of Photoshop Elements will be best served by using File Browser.
If you're using Photoshop on either platform, I recommend using Bridge to han-
dle your file copies.
Note: Windows users may want to try Downloader Pro from Breeze Systems ( ).
This is a fast and full-featured application that can copy images, rename them, and add keywords. If you're look-
ing for a faster solution, I highly recommend Downloader Pro.
Downloading and Organizing Using File Browser
Adobe File Browser (Figure 1.1) is available to both Windows and Macintosh users of
Photoshop Elements 3 and Photoshop CS. Photoshop CS2 has replaced File Browser
with the more powerful Bridge application.
The Mac and Windows versions of File Browser have some differences that
make a single description of how to use it difficult to write. The Macintosh version of
Photoshop Elements File Browser, perhaps to compensate for not having Adobe Orga-
nizer, has been beefed up from previous versions and is now the same as the File
Browser included with Photoshop CS.
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