Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5.5
The Filmstrip displays all RAW
files open in Camera Raw. The
Synchronize button applies
changes to all selected images.
Just below the Preview area are navigation buttons with an image counter (Fig-
ure 5.6). This feature lets you move from one image to the next without clicking indi-
vidual thumbnails. Finally, the buttons for Save and Open (Figure 5.7) change to reflect
the number of selected files.
Figure 5.6
The navigation buttons let you move from one image to another.
Figure 5.7
The Save and Open buttons change to show how many images will be affected.
To apply settings from within Camera Raw, start by selecting the images in
Bridge, and then choose File > Open in Camera Raw. If you are already in Photoshop,
you can select File > Open and select the files you want to modify.
There are two ways to apply changes to multiple files in Camera Raw. The first
is by selecting multiple thumbnails and making the adjustments on the first image. Each
adjustment you make will be applied to every selected image and the thumbnails will
update to reflect the changes.
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