HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
18. Within the Main Stick list item, insert a nested unordered list containing the follow-
ing items:
Weight: 7 oz.
Length: 24 inches
Tape: Dura-Coat fi nish with laser-style color choices
19. Within the Handle Sticks (one pair) list item, insert a nested unordered list contain-
ing the following items:
Weight: 2 oz.
Length: 18 inches
Tape: Soft ivory tape with rubber core
20. Locate the two occurrences of Dura-Coat in the document. Directly after the word
Dura-Coat , insert the registered trademark symbol ® . The character entity name of
the ® symbol is reg . Display the ® symbol as a superscript by placing the character
within the sup element.
21. Within the page footer, insert the company's address:
The J-Prop Shop
541 West Highland Drive
Auburn, ME 04210
(207) 555 - 9001
22. Separate the different sections of the address using a solid diamond (character
code 9830).
23. Save your changes to the fi le, open it in your Web browser, and then compare your
Web page to Figure 1-48 to verify that it was rendered correctly. Older browsers may
display some slight differences in the design.
24. Submit your completed fi les to your instructor, in either printed or electronic form,
as requested.
Apply your
knowledge of
HTML5 to create
a Web page for
a mathematics
Web site.
Case Problem 1
Data Files needed for the Case Problem: mhlogo.jpg, mhstyles.css, mhtxt.htm,
Math High Professor Lauren Coe of the Mathematics Department of Coastal University
in Anderson, South Carolina, is one of the founders of Math High , a Web site containing
articles and course materials for high school and college math instructors. She has writ-
ten a series of biographies of famous mathematicians for the Web site and would like
you to transfer content she's already written to an HTML5 fi le. You'll create the fi rst one
in this exercise. Figure 1-49 shows a preview of the page you'll create, which profi les the
mathematician Leonhard Euler.
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