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FigureĀ 1-49
Math High Web page
Complete the following:
1. In your text editor, open the mhtxt.htm fi le from the tutorial.01\case1 folder
included with your Data Files. Save the fi le as mathhigh.htm in the same folder.
2. Enclose the contents of the fi le within a set of opening and closing <html> tags. Set
the doctype of the fi le to indicate that this is an HTML5 document.
3. Add head and body elements to the fi le, enclosing the page contents within the
body element.
4. Within the document head, insert the comment
Math High: Leonhard Euler
Author: your name
Date: the date
where your name is your name and the date is the current date.
5. Set the character set of the document to UTF-8 .
6. Add the page title Math High: Leonhard Euler to the document head.
7. Link to the modernizr-1.5.js script fi le.
8. Link to the mhstyles.css style sheet.
9. Within the page body, create a header element. Within this element, insert an inline
image using the mhlogo.jpg fi le as the source and Math High as the alternate text.
10. Mark the page text from the line Leonhard Euler (1707 - 1783) up to (but not includ-
ing) the line The Most Beautiful Theorem? as an article.
11. Mark the fi rst line in the article element, containing Leonhard Euler (1707 - 1783) ,
as an h1 heading.
12. Mark the next three blocks of text describing Euler's life as paragraphs.
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