HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Complete the following:
1. Use your text editor to open the applicationtxt.htm , eventstxt.htm , fstylestxt.css ,
lessonstxt.htm , stafftxt.htm , tstylestxt.css , youngtxt.htm , and ystylestxt.css files from
the addcases\case1 folder included with your Data Files. Enter your name and the
date in the comment section of each file. Save the files as application.htm , events.
htm , fstyles.css , lessons.htm , staff.htm , tstyles.css , young.htm , and ystyles.css ,
respectively, in the same folder.
2. Go to the young.htm file in your text editor. This file contains the Young Notes home
page. Brenda wants you to add a graphic of a student to the page with an irregular
line wrap around the image. Figure AC1-1 shows a preview of the completed page.
Figure Ac1-1
Young Notes home page
3. To insert the graphic, add five inline image elements before the first paragraph directly
after the initial h1 element. Set the source of the inline images to the student1.jpg
through student5.jpg files. Specify an empty text string for the alt attribute. Set the
value of the class attribute for the five images to irregularWrap .
4. Close the file, saving your changes.
5. Go to the ystyles.css style sheet in your text editor. At the bottom of the file, insert a
style to float all img elements belonging to the irregularWrap class on the right mar-
gin, but only when the right margin is clear of other floating elements. Set the margin
around those image elements to 0 pixels
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