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Creating a Music
School Web Site
O b j e c t i v e s
• Insert an image with an
irregular line wrap
• Insert and format a Web table
• Insert and format an aside
• Embed MP3, Ogg, and
SWF sound clips
• Insert and format a Web form
Case | Young Notes
Brenda Li is the owner of Young Notes, a private music school that
recently opened in Brownwood, Texas. She has asked for your help
in setting up the school's Web site. Eventually the Web site will be
extensive, covering all of the services offered by the school; but for
now, Brenda wants you to create a site with five Web pages. The
first page will contain the site's home page, describing the Young
Notes school. The second page will contain a description of the les-
sons offered by the school and will include a Web table with a fee
schedule. The third page will list a few members of the Young Notes
staff. Brenda wants the staff biographies to appear within an inline
frame in the Web page. The fourth page will contain a list of upcom-
ing Young Notes concerts and recitals. Brenda wants you to include
a sound clip from last year's Honors Award Concert in this page. The
last page will display a Web form that potential students and their
parents can use to request more information about Young Notes.
Brenda has created much of the site's content and many of the site's
styles. She needs you to add a graphical image of a Young Notes
student, a table with information on lessons, an inline frame for the
staff biographies, a sound clip from last year's concert, and a form
for prospective students and their families to fill out to get more
information about the school. She also needs you to insert styles
into her style sheets for these new elements and to link the Web
pages together. Once you're finished, she will use your work as a
starting point for planning the final version of the site.
stArting dAtA Files
+ 13 graphic files
+ 2 JavaScript files
+ 3 media files
+ 1 text file
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