HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
6. How is the Web changing? Have your team examine some of the latest trends in the
development of the Web. Research the goals of the languages currently in develop-
ment by the W3C. How will these new languages change the way people design
Web sites in the future?
7. Assume that you're a designer who wishes to create a Web site that reports on issues
involved with Web page design and changes to the Web. Have your team create
a Web site that summarizes what you've learned about the changing nature of the
Web. The design and content of the Web site is up to your team, but the site should
include the following features:
• At least three pages, one each describing a different aspect of the changing
nature of the Web
• A convenient list of links to enable users to quickly access topics of interest on
your Web site
• Links to all external sites containing the information you've gathered
• At least one external style sheet used by all of the pages on your Web site
• At least one Web table listing some of the information you've gathered for
your report
• A Web form in which users can sign up for a newsletter about the changing
nature of the Web and HTML
• An audio or video clip introducing your site's contents to the viewer (if you have
the ability to create or locate a clip)
Have one group of your team work on the page content and another group work on
the page design.
8. Submit your completed files from your team to your instructor in electronic or
printed form as requested. Clearly identify which members of your team were
responsible for which parts of the final product.
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